The Madrid Atlantida Symphony Orchestra, in cooperation with the Iberclassica Artists Agency, announces the first edition of the:


The competition is open to musicians of any nationality without age limits.

The competition will take place in Madrid from 8 to 12 July 2019.


The competition is structurated in two main phases:

The elimination round begins on 10 February 2020 and ends on 20 May 2020

and consists of a CV and video evaluation

The first round and the following phases will take place from 8 to 12 July 2020 in Madrid (Spain).

The final round will consist of a public concert to be held at the main hall of the “Centro de Arte y Turismo” in Soto del Real (Madrid-Spain).

1. Eligibility:

The competition is open to all conductors, of all nationalities and without age limits.

2. Eliminatory phase:

Applications can be sent from 10 February 2020 to 20 May 2020; candidates must send the link to two videos that will be qualified by the jury.


The videos can contain a repertoire of any historical period, with any type of ensemble, both vocal and instrumental. Videos must be played in streaming mode (videos must not be downloaded) and each must last from 5 to 15 minutes; At least half of the video will have to be shot with a front view. The videos in which the candidate plays a piano are allowed only if at least two performers (piano 4 hands or two pianos).


The admitted candidates will be informed by e-mail within 31 May 2020; the names of the admitted candidates will also be published on the website;

The competition is structured as follows:

First round: four handed piano, July, 8,9 and 10.

Semifinal: Symphony Orchestra, July 11.

Final: Symphony Orchestra, July 12.

The first round is open to a maximum of 72 competitors.

The semifinal is open to 8 competitors.

The final is open to 3 competitors.

3. Repertoire:

First round: piano 4 hands, open to a maximum of 72 participants

L. V. Beethoven: Third Symphony, First movement

E. Chabrier: Espana

Each competitor will have a maximum time of 10 minutes for the test.

Semifinal: Symphony orchestra, open to 8 competitors

W.A.Mozart Ouverture “Magic Flute”

G. Mahler: Symphony N°1, First Movement (KLAUS VERSION – UNIVERSAL EDITION)

Each competitor will have a maximum time of 30 minutes for the test.

Final: open to 3 competitors


J. Brahms: Symphony n°2, first movement.


K. Szymanowski: Violin Concerto n° 2 op. 61


L. V. Beethoven: Symphony n°5, first and fourth movements

The Final is open to n° 3 competitors, a group of pieces will be assigned to each and each will have 50 minutes of rehearsal to rehearse the pieces of the assigned group.
The same day there will be a public concert that is part of the competition, in this concert each competitor will conduct the assigned pieces.
The winner will be announced after the final concert, to the presence of the public.
The pieces will be drawn the evening before the day of the specific phase.

4. Prizes:

First classified:

1 concert in October 2020 in the season of the Guanajato Symphony Orchestra (Mexico)


– 1 concert in the 2021/2022 season of the Città di Ferrara Symphony Orchestra (Italy)

– 1 concert in the 2021/2022 season of the “Varna Opera Symphony Orchestra” (Bulgaria)

– Money prize: $4000

Official diploma

Second prize:

– 1 concert in the 2021/2022 season of the “Atlantida Symphony Orchestra” (Spain)

– 1 concert in the 2021/2022 season of the Traetta Opera Festival (Italy)

-Money prize: $2000

– Official diploma.

Third prize:

-Money prize: $1000

– Official diploma.

All semifinalists will receive an official semifinalist certificate. Those who have passed the elimination phase will receive a certificate of participation.

The final round of the competition will be open to the public and managers of Artist Agencies and will be present.

5. Jury
The International jury will be composed by the following members:

President of the Jury

Roberto Beltran Zavala (Holland & Mexico), Chief Conductor of the Guanajato Symphony Orchestra (Mexico), Artistic Director of the Rotterdam Re Orchestra and Principal Conductor of the Palermo Classica Festival (Italy).

M ° Vito Clemente (Italy), Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Traetta Opera Festival.

Manuel Tevar (Spain), Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Madrid Atlantida Musik Project Symphony Orchestra.

M° Davide La Bollita (Bulgaria), Artistic Consultant of the Varna Opera House.

M° Lorenzo Bizzarri (Italy), Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Città di Ferrara Symphony Orchestra.

NB all the members of the jury will be present from the first day until the end of the competition. In case of illness or force majeure the organization will replace the missing member with another internationally acknowledged Maestro;

6. Registration
To get registered you must send the application form and the required documents by Midnight (12:00 p.m.) GMT May the 20st 2020

For any information:

7. Fees
The application fee for the eliminatory phase is € 95,00
The candidates admitted to the first round will be required to pay the participation fee that consists in € 280,00 that has to be paid through the same method as the registration fee within June the 10th 2020

8. Transfer and accommodation
Transfers and accommodation are up to the participants.

9. Media rights
The candidates will by submitting their application hand over all rights of the TV and radio recordings to the Promoter, this includes all pictures taken on and off stage;
The candidates will also by submitting their application give their permission and approval to the Promoter to use the candidates’ names and pictures in press releases.

10. Final rules
The participation to the competition implies the full acceptance of the present rules. The organization reserves the right to change the rules of the competition in case of force majeure, in that case the organization will give prompt notification of any modification that may occur. For any legal action the English text of the announcement must be considered. The forum in charge is Murcia’s (Spain).